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Blizzard in Boston! - Rebekah Nyakairu

Blizzard in Boston!


What does it take to have a few snow days in Boston? Just a blizzard.

My first eight years of teaching took place in Virginia, outside D.C. I quickly became very accustomed to snow days. I talked with a friend yesterday who teaches in Virginia. She mentioned they have already had five snow days but they haven’t had over 1-2 inches of snow. Here in Boston we need 1-2 feet of snow to close school.

I grew up in upstate New York so I did not always get school off at the first little accumulation of snow. My first year teaching, I went into school one day and enjoyed a quiet morning of prepping before my students arrive. I thought it was simply quiet because I got to school early (something very unusual for me) only to find out that we had a two hour delay. I did not even think to check for a delay because the roads were all cleared. Over the years I quickly grew into the mindset of “it’s snowing… quick, check to see if school is closed!”

Last winter was my first year teaching in Boston. We got lots and lots of snow but very few snow days (only two to be precise). I tried to ignore the news and Facebook as the schools in Virginia were closed for weeks and weeks of snow days. I was just slightly jealous.

Three snow days in a row in Boston. I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot. It’s been wonderful and glorious.

My husband saw firsthand how much teachers value and love snow days. Value and love sounds better than very obsessed! At the first mentioned of the snowstorm, I was texting back and forth with the teachers on my team. We watched Boston Public Schools web page and twitter page like a hawk waiting for the magical moment when the snow day would be announced. My husband was slightly shocked by our intensity. I assured him that our behavior was completely normal. All teachers are like this.

When I lived in a house with three other roommates, two of us were teachers and the other two roommates had jobs that not include built in snow days. My roommate Kim and I rejoiced together with the closing of school, while I’m sure our other roommates quickly grew sick of us being able to sleep in and stay home. Unless there was a blizzard. Then all four of us got to be snowed in together. We would shovel snow, watched movies in between our snow shoveling, join the neighborhood kids for sledding on the awesome hill at the end of our neighborhood, and  of course drink lots of hot chocolate. When your roommates are also your friends, being snowed in together is the best.

Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed being snowed in with my husband. It just wasn’t all fun and games since he still worked from home.  However, I did appreciate having a strong husband who shoveled lots of heavy snow.

Snow days are the best because they are truly a day off. Weekends are filled with church activities, cleaning, errands, and hopefully some time of rest. They are busy and fly by. Even an extra day off can be quickly scheduled away with activities. A snow day is truly a free day. You are stuck home with absolutely nothing that you need to do or should be doing. I have absolutely no problem keeping myself entertained. I’ve been reading a lot, watching a little tv, journaling, spending time with my husband, organizing paperwork (because that’s fun for me!) talking with good friends on the phone, and cooking. Well, I’ve had aspirations of cooking and baking. Maybe it will happen today. Life has been incredible simple. 

Yesterday I went for a long walk in the snow. As I walked throughout our neighborhood, it was so quiet. The stillness that comes with snow is magical. Occasionally I would pass someone shoveling their driveway or a child playing in the snow. I heard the loud crunch of the packed down snow beneath my boots as I walked. The earth was white and clean. I looked over tall snowbanks and saw the beautiful colors of the sunset over the ocean. The yellow and orange colors of the sunset shone against the skyline of Boston. I loved the uniqueness of tall piles of snow right beside the ocean. Waves still crashing into the shoreline.



My snow day was completed as I came inside to warm up. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. The ultimate comfort food. Growing up, my mom would often make this for dinner after church on Sunday evenings. My roommates and I adopted the tradition of tomato soup and grilled cheese on snow days. The tomato soup absolutely must be made with milk. I was horrified when I learned as an adult it could be made with water. Definitely not the same results.


While making dinner, I found out the news that I had the next day off from school. I had just gone through the grieving/ letting go stage. I had checked the news and while nearby school districts were closed for tomorrow, Boston Public School had not called the day off. Yes, I did just say I had just gone through the grieving/ letting go stage. Did I mention how passionately teachers feel about snow days? My tomato soup and grilled cheese were especially delicious with the exciting news of our third snow day!

I have to enjoy every moment of my snow days. Because who knows when the next blizzard will hit Boston!

What do you love about being snowed in? What is your favorite thing to do during a snowstorm?

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