Emma Rose


IMGL7558We are now a family of four! Emma Rose was born January 31 at 9:28 am. She was 7 pounds, 9 ounces and 20 inches long. Emma is an absolute joy!

We named Emma after the name Emmanuel which means “God with us”. Emma reminds us that God is with us and in the details of our lives. Rose is after her great Grandma Edith Rose, a woman who loves God and people well.


Emma is the sweetest little newborn! She loves to be held, cuddled, and is an easy baby. These past seven weeks have been such a special time bonding with my newest baby girl. There is nothing better than newborn snuggles!


Grace, who is now a year and a half old, is such a great big sister! Grace loves to give Emma hugs and kisses! Grace is always aware of where Emma is and becomes concerned if she can’t see her. When Grace finds Emma’s blanket or pacifier, she is quick to bring it to Emma. Grace now copies Mama and goes “sh sh sh” to Emma when she starts to cry. As Grace holds her baby doll, she sways back and forth and says “rock, rock, rock”. It is so much fun to see the two sisters together. I pray they will be good friends as they grow up! 


We thank God for this precious, beautiful, little gift! 


We are so grateful for Heather’s photography skills in capturing our beautiful girls! www.heatherbest.com





  1. Stacy

    Oh she’s so precious! So happy for you and your family. Sisters are a wonderful blessing!

    1. rebekahnyakairu (Post author)

      Thank you Stacy! I never got to experience the gift of having a sister growing up but I am so excited for my girls to have a special bond and friendship!


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