Few of my favorite things


A few of my favorite things from this past week…

Becoming an auntie to this cutie! Isn’t little Lincoln absolutely adorable?! I can’t wait to meet this little guy!



I discovered these two podcast recently. For me, listening to podcasts makes cleaning and cooking far more enjoyable! Both of these podcast have great interviews that will inspired you in your journey as a mom and in your daily life.

God Centered Mom Podcast

Inspired to Action Podcast


For the Love



It’s all about fighting for GRACE in a world of impossible standards. I LOVED this book! I wrote about my favorite chapter here.


Freezer Meals


This was my first time making freezer meals and I would highly recommend Kelly at New Leaf Wellness. I loved how she has a variety of healthy, easy to put together recipes. My favorite part was the grocery list that was included for the 8 freezer meals I made. The grocery list was conveniently organized by different sections in the grocery store.

This song!

Spending time with friends!

I am now forty weeks pregnant and waiting to see when our little girl will arrive. As I’ve been waiting this week, I have so enjoyed spending time with different friends!


What are some of your favorite things from this week?


  1. Maria

    Congratulations on your precious baby! I’m so excited and happy for you both! God is good! Enjoy each precious moment with your baby!

    Maria Haase

    1. rebekahnyakairu (Post author)

      Thank you Maria!! 🙂


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