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God in the midst of Everyday Life - Rebekah Nyakairu

God in the midst of Everyday Life



It’s often in the highs and lows of life that we seek God more. We need Him desperately and His presence is very real to us. But what about in the day to day? When your life is routine. Working, grocery shopping, laundry, the day to day activities that make up life. How do you experience God in the everyday?

I experienced this stunning sunset the other evening. WOW.

It reminded me of the “highs” of life. An amazing answer to prayer. God making a way when it appeared to be impossible. The joy of your wedding day or the miracle of giving birth to your baby.


Then the dark clouds rolled in. In the darkest moments of our lives God can be very near. We feel a desperate need of Him every moment of the day. During times like this, we cling to the hope in scripture. We cry out to God. We feel helpless apart from Him. In these darkest moments, the light of His presence can break through and shine so brightly in our hearts and lives.

But what about those everyday moments? When we are not experiencing either the highs or lows of life? I have found that in these seasons of life, it is the easiest to become comfortable. Before I know it, complacency can start creeping into my live. I don’t feel such a desperate need of God. It can be easy to become self-reliant without even realizing it.

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How do you experience more of God in your everyday life?

Here are a few things I have found that I need in my life. There is absolutely nothing new about this list. You may have heard each of these things preached at you from a young age. I have found that I truly need each habit in my life to draw me closer to God.

Scripture. God’s word is life giving. It can be easier for me to be in God’s word when I’m going through a difficult season. Words jump off the page. Verses become my hope and the promise that I cling to. Then there is the everyday living. When I can find myself too busy or distracted to stop and read God’s word. I have found that even in the everyday, being in the God’s word is important. For me it may be a quick devotional, or a longer bible study, or reading scripture on my bible app. God does speak. In His still small voice. He continues to convict, encourage, and speak to me. I don’t want to miss it. I will often say a quick prayer as I read the Bible. “God, how are you speaking to me today?”

Prayer. One of my favorite things to do is pray with a good friend. I set up phone dates with friends in Virginia to talk and pray together. There is something so powerful about coming into God’s holy presence with someone else. When I pray aloud with another believer, my prayers are more focused and I leave feeling incredibly encouraged. I am drawn into God’s presence in a deeper way. Last night I was praying with a good friend and I realized our friendship has become defined over the years by prayer and cups of tea. How awesome is that? We have seen God work in incredible ways in our hearts and lives through the power of prayer.

Friendships. Community, Fellowship, Friendship. Call it what you want but we need each other on this journey of life! Friends that you can be vulnerable and real with and still feel accepted. You can share your heart, fears, joys, and struggles. You can laugh and cry together. There is nothing richer in life than the treasure of a dear friend. Friends that inspire you in your walk with God. Friends that will not be afraid to speak truth in your life and challenge you. Friends who will give you grace, love, and acceptance when they see the real you that is messy, sinful, and full of struggles.

Invite God in your daily life. If I just think about God when I am praying or reading my Bible, my time with God is a small fraction of my day. If I invite God in my day to day activities, I can talk to Him while I’m cooking dinner or grocery shopping. I can see His hand at work in the smallest of details. Details that I would miss if my eyes weren’t open to see His goodness. I can start listening to His still small voice. I can surrender my agenda for the day and see how He guides my day.

How do you cultivate your relationship with God in the midst of everyday living?

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