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Gracie's Baby Room! - Rebekah Nyakairu

Gracie’s Baby Room!

gallery wall

Having a little girl makes decorating so much fun! I came across this spring birdie theme and I instantly fell in love with the cheerful pink and orange colors! 


Gracie’s grandparents gave us her crib for a shower gift. I was very proud of myself for assembling it! I love the white clean lines of the crib. The beautiful orange and pink baby quilt is handmade by my Grandma. The little stuffed birdie looked lonely in the crib by herself so I added the adorable little giraffe, a shower gift from friends at church.

My absolute favorite part is the gallery wall above Gracie’s crib! I bought several different frames for this wall. One evening when I was trying to figure out how to arrange them all, my husband took over and came up with this design. A man with many hidden talents. I had no idea! 


I developed a new love for pinterest when putting together this gallery wall. For inspiration, I looked at many different gallery walls on pinterest. Once the frames were arranged, I used pinterest to find pictures to print off.

gallery wall

My favorite print is “the future is bright”. I love the colors and this inspirational quote. I found the G for Grace at Michaels. The pink picture with a moon says “I love you to the moon and back… always and forever!” The giraffe picture looked cute for a nursery and matched the colors of Gracie’s room. I found the “hello love” picture at Marshalls. I liked the uniqueness of the frame with mirrored pieces. Inside it says “imagine” which is one of my husband’s favorite words to use in the closing of his sermons. “Imagine what God could do…”


Less than a week until Gracie’s due date and she will be here to use her little nursery!


Gracie’s daddy is excited to take care of her!

I found this beautiful dresser on Craig’s List shortly after we got married. The dresser was perfect to use for a changing table. I love how the color matched the birdie wall decal. A friend gave me the pink and orange basket as a shower gift. It just happened to match the color theme of the room!


The Boston area is full of old houses. They are often large, beautiful, and historic homes. We are currently living in the third floor apartment in such a house. We have enough room, I just had to be very creative in how I used the space. I read the book The Nesting Place shortly after we moved in this fall. It was such an inspiration to me to be creative in our unique space. “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”

We have this space in our apartment that can’t be used as an actual room because of the low ceilings. I was excited to turn it into some cute storage space for all of Gracie’s clothes and baby things. We bought the bookshelves from IKEA  and we bought the baskets online from Amazon. It created the perfect amount of space for me to organize all the baby stuff. I do love organizing!


My Aunt Velma gave an inspirational devotional at my baby shower using the letters from Grace’s name. I used the pink and green letters as the color theme for this space.

I had fun using different gifts, stuffed animals and books, as decorations. Gracie’s grandpa gave her the stuffed animal from Cooperstown (baseball hall of fame). The framed picture was our announcement  that we were having a baby!


I framed Gracie’s first ultrasound picture. A friend of mine had given me the “dearly loved” years ago as a birthday gift. My friend Sarah gave Grace her first little doll! My friend Emily from college gave Grace the soft, stuffed bunny and her first children’s Bible.

I love how the play mat and swing, both gifts from a friend at church, match the color scheme of the space.


 A dear lady at church handpainted this cute little turtle for Gracie. In the corner she wrote ” Grace, a child of the King“.

We are ready for our baby girl’s arrival!

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