Happy Birthday Rebekah!

happy bday rebekah

Happy Birthday Rebekah! 

Words can not express how grateful I am for the gift of your friendship!  I wish I was with you to celebrate today. You know how much I love celebrating birthdays! Below are my top ten favorite memories and things I love about you!

1. Prince Edward Island

I loved every minute of our trip to Prince Edward Island. There is nothing more fitting than visiting PEI and Green Gables with your bosom friend!

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2.Running Together

It was so much fun to run with you for your first half marathon and cheer “Go Rebekah!” I got to encourage both of us at the same time! I can’t believe you are now training for your first Iron Man. I am so proud of you!


3. Anne of Green Gables

Of course there is our winter tradition of watching Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea!

IMG_5808 (1)

4. Beth Moore Studies

We have done so many Beth Moore studies together in person and over skype. They may take us months longer to finish but we finally get them done! I am thankful for a friend who continually points me back to God and helps me grow stronger in Him.

image (24)

5. Fall Traditions: Hiking, Apple Picking, and Pumpkin Pancakes!



6. Traveling Together… Which includes getting lost, searching for the sunrise, and the Bahamas!




7. Crazy fun times together… introducing ourselves to new people as Rebekah and Rebekah (the Rebekahs!), strawberry shortcake, pool and beach time together, and so many more memories! Like the time I had us go for a run after staying up all night!






8. Matron of Honor

Thank you for being an incredible matron of honor. You dealt with any problems (wedding planner craziness) so I could fully enjoy the day. You stayed up with me the night before to finish the seating chart, only getting a couple hours of sleep. You gave the most amazing speech– funny, touching, and meaningful. I was honored to have you by my side!

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matron of honor speech

9. Praying together. It is truly a gift to have someone who you can be completely honest and share your heart. Someone who will stand by you through the joyous times and the difficult times. I am grateful for all the times we have prayed together in person and on the phone.


10. You are an amazing friend!

Rebekah, my prayer for you this coming year is that you know that you are braver than you think you are and loved more deeply than you will ever know. We love you! Happy Birthday!

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