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Happy Second Wedding Anniversary! - Rebekah Nyakairu

Happy Second Wedding Anniversary!

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My dear husband,

God has surpassed my greatest desires in you. All the years of dreaming, praying, and yearning for a man to love me. You were worth the wait! Happy Second Wedding Anniversary!

Our first year I was thrilled to be married to you but it was a difficult year filled with so many changes and adjustments. This past year of marriage was absolutely wonderful. I love seeing how much we have both grown in the past couple of years!

10 of my favorite things about our second year of marriage

1. Finding out we’re having a baby!


This is definitely our highlight of the past year! I love your pure excitement of being a daddy to our baby girl! You are already an amazing dad! You have excitedly gone to every doctor’s appointment for Gracie. You read, sing, and pray over her. You take good care of her mama. Our daughter is already so loved. I can’t wait to see you hold her in your arms in just a couple short months!

2. You cheer me on!


The way you believe in me, cheer me on, and encourage me is truly incredible! You do this on a daily basis! I see myself in a more accurate light because of your words of affirmation in my life.

3. Your ordination



Every Sunday, I watch you preach, lead, and love well. I am one proud wife!

4. First time hiking and apple picking together

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Fall in New England is my favorite time of year! I absolutely love being outdoors. This year, it was fun to experience fall activities together and with our good friends!

5. You show me so much of God!


You are quick to forgive, you absolutely delight in me, and you daily show me grace. I experience so much more of God’s character through being married to you!

6. We have fun together!



I love how you make me laugh, how we both value quality time together, and how you are always insistent about having a weekly date night. We have fun together on a daily basis!

7. You wowed me on my birthday!


You have come a long way from when we were engaged and my best friend took you shopping the morning of my birthday to help you buy me a birthday present. You wowed me this year with an amazing birthday party!

8. Traveling together


I love the time we spend together driving in the car. The long conversations we have, the podcasts we listen to, and how I finally don’t have to drive! God answered my prayers all those years I was single and driving by myself on long road trips. This year we took road trips to Virginia and New York. We flew to Seattle to visit your family for Christmas.

9. Your spiritual leadership

God knew I needed someone who I could respect spiritually and who would be a strong leader. I love experiencing God with you. Whether we are reading devotions, praying, or reading scripture together you are a great spiritual leader. I also get previews of your sermon when you practice parts of it on me at random times!

10. We are a team


I can not begin the list all the ways you take care of me. You make me coffee and drive me to work each morning. I love how we are a team. You cook and I clean and grocery shop. I vacuum the floors and you mop. I keep our home beautiful and in order and you pay our bills. Thank you for all the many small ways you show me you love me throughout the day!

Life is truly better together. I love you so very much!

Your Wife,



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