Happy Six Months!


My dear baby girl,

Happy six months! This has been a big month for you! You started crawling a week after you turned six months old. For over a month, you had been trying so hard to crawl. You were very determined and persistent. I was a little sad as it felt like my baby was growing up too quickly.

Once you started crawling, it has been such fun to see you crawling everywhere! You are very curious and love to explore. Of course sometimes you get into things, like the time you were in Mommy’s classroom.


It has been such a joy. You are so proud of yourself. I love seeing your big smile.

You got your first tooth! After a couple months of teething, a little white tooth showed itself on your bottom gum.


You crawled toward your first Easter basket that had teething toys and a book about doggies. Easter morning you dressed up in the beautiful Easter dress that Grandma got you. You cheered your daddy on as he preached. We enjoyed Easter dinner at “Grandpa” Scott and “Grandma” Rhonda’s house. 

You stood up for the first time as you held onto your bouncy seat. Now that you are about to turn seven months you stand up all the time as you hold onto your toy basket. You love to get in your toy basket and play with your toys. You also love to get into any other basket in our home and get into whatever is inside.

You absolutely love animals! When we go to “uncle” Ethan and “Auntie” Linnea’s house, you love petting their two cats. Now you can crawl after them! Whenever you see a dog, you get so excited. One day when you’re bigger, we will have to get you a pet!

My second graders love to hear stories about you. During snack time, I often show them pictures and videos. Daddy brought you in for a visit to celebrate your “half birthday” with our class. Everyone loved seeing you!


You also went to your first wedding! You loved seeing all the people! You stayed awake the entire day! You had no interest in taking a nap when there were so many people around. You had huge smiles for everyone you saw. You bring absolute joy to everyone you meet!


You love other kids and babies! Mommy was talking with some friends and you got a little fussy. I took you downstairs where six kids were running around crazy. You got so excited and started kicking your legs and yelling along with them. There is no doubt that you are an extrovert and love people!


When Mommy took you to the story hour at the library, you crawled around to all the kids with a huge smile on your face! You also picked out some books for Mommy to read to you.

You already love to drive! Daddy will put you in his lap when the car is in park and you will put your hands on the steering wheel. You love it! You are very serious about driving. You just might like to be in control.IMG_5575


You add so much JOY to Mommy and Daddy’s lives. We love you so very much!

I love, love, love you!



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