Here’s My Heart Lord


“Here’s my heart Lord, speak what is true.” I love this song as it’s such a beautiful prayer. When I change Grace, I sing this line over her and Grace repeats “true, true” in her little voice. It’s so cute. My prayer for my daughter is that she will grow up knowing God’s truth from the Bible. But more than just knowing God’s truth, she will allow God to speak it into her heart so that she fully believes and lives out the truth.

What are some of the truths God speaks to us in the Bible?

I am Yours.

I am loved.

I am made pure.

I have life.

I am healed.

I am free.

During this Christmas season, it’s easy to believe the lie that everything has to be perfect. We need to keep everyone happy. You have to do it all. There is no time to rest. Yet, Christmas is all about Emmanuel, God with us. Jesus came down to our broken world so we can have a personal relationship with Him. There is no more need for striving or to live in guilt and shame. We are beloved children of God. We are loved and accepted by Him.


What truth has God been speaking in your heart recently?

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