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How big is your God? - Rebekah Nyakairu

How big is your God?

big God

“What are you doing here?” Our friend Ethan’s shocked face said it all. How did we watch Linnea walk across the stage to receive her diploma when the rest of her family watched from the Student Center? Only Linnea’s mom, grandma, and husband had tickets to the main auditorium. We were not even suppose to be at Linnea’s graduation since I had to work that day.

Our hookup to these seats? Our great connection? God Almighty.


Even though I had to work, Stephen suggested that we could try to catch the last part of Linnea’s graduation. While he picked me up right after work, we then ran into our next problem. We could not find parking anywhere. After driving around in circles and parking at a garage off site, we showed up one and half hours late. I had resided myself to the fact that we had missed Linnea’s graduation.

As we walked into the main auditorium, I informed my dear husband that we did not have tickets. We were suppose to find the Student Center to watch it live on screen. This did not stop my husband. As we stood in the entryway, I looked at a bulletin and realized that Linnea was in the last group to walk. They had not gone yet! We would still get to see Linnea walk across the stage and receive her diploma!

And then, a complete stranger kindly pointed out to us two empty seats right near the front. We quickly sat down and cheered loudly as Linnea’s name was called.

Only God. We shouldn’t have made it in time. We didn’t have tickets. Yet there we were. Slightly shocked but so grateful to witness our friend’s big moment.


It’s easy in those kind of moments to be in awe of God’s power and goodness to us. He was our connection!

In the day to day challenges, we forget how big our God is. How mighty and powerful He is. How there is truly nothing impossible for Him. It is easier to see and feel the challenges right in front of us.

Recently, Stephen and I were discussing a challenge that we were facing. I knew we could trust God. That He will provide for us and that He can surprise us. I knew this truth. Yet in the moment, the challenge we were facing felt greater than what I knew to be true.

This morning as I spend some quiet time in God’s presence, journaling and listening to worship music, God gently reminded me of Linnea’s graduation. Did He not completely provide for us despite all the obstacles we faced? Despite how impossible it felt as we couldn’t find parking, didn’t have tickets, and were already late. Did He not only provide for us but also shocked us? Will this same God not only provide but also display His glory, goodness, and power in this very real challenge we are facing.

How big is your God? How have you seen Him provide for you lately?


  1. Linnea Bancala

    Aw! That is a great story! I am so glad you could be there! It was a great surprise for me as well! I was also blessed through God’s blessing you! God does find a way to overwhelm us with blessings just when we need them most! You two are such precious, sweet friends, and are a constant reminder of God’s desire to bless us! Thank you for being so awesome! P.S. We need to get together again! All this time alone, has me itching for some fun with friends! 😉

  2. rebekahnyakairu (Post author)

    Thanks Linnea! This story also shows how much God loves you and how He was in every detail of your graduation day. Big and small! He was celebrating you! We are so grateful for your friendship!! We will definitely get together soon! 🙂


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