International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day was last week and my Instagram feed was filled with inspirational photos. Pictures honoring strong women friendships, celebrating the strength and beauty of women, and calling for positive changes for women around the world.

Here’s what I posted that day…IMG_2117

rebekahnyakairuOne of my greatest joys is becoming a mother. It’s still hard for me to believe that I am the mama of my two beautiful girls. I feel so privileged to be their mama. I pray that God would use these strong girls to help change the world for a better place. #internationalwomensday#motherhood #womenarestrong


As I have been thinking about the different images I saw that day, it has made me stop to reflect on the power of strong female friendships.

Like most of us, I have experienced the good and bad of female friendships. When women act poorly towards one another it comes across as catty, hurtful and selfish. We all know how mean girls can be towards one another.

Yet, when females show one another love, acceptance, and affirmation it is a beautiful thing. I think it all ties back into one’s identity. As a woman, when you are secure in who you are. When you know that you are loved and accepted. When you live in daily grace. Then you are able to give that gift to those around you. You are able to celebrate other women and speak words of affirmation and encouragement.  You are able to listen and pour into other’s lives.

I am so grateful for the women God has placed in my life who do exactly this. Who are there to support me, pray with me, and speak truth into my life. I am grateful for the work God has done in my life. He has taken me from a place of insecurity to acceptance and belonging. I love celebrating the women around me!

I pray that God would surround my girls with strong female friendships as they grow into adulthood. And that they would be quick to speak life, kindness, and hope into those around them. Because when women unite together, powerful things are done.

How have you seen the power and beauty of strong female friendships in your life?

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