Life after the 31 Day Writing Challenge

Life After

This past October I took on the 31 day writing challenge. It was definitely an interesting and unique experience.

The positives…

I fully appreciated how this writing challenge forced me to write consistently throughout the month of October. It stretched my writing muscles. I wrote blog posts that never would have came into being if it weren’t for the accountability of having to write daily. I loved writing on one theme and I realized how passionate I am about our identity in Christ. I simply scratched the surface of such a powerful theme. God’s truth went deeper into my heart. I watched how the truth of my identity played out in my everyday life.

I enjoyed connecting with other writers through this writing challenge. It was great to have readers leave comments as well as reading a variety of different blogs.

The challenges…

For me, October is the worst month for a writing challenge. I absolutely love fall! Here in New England, October is full of beautiful fall days. I want to be outdoors every possible moment before the long, cold winter months. I love hiking, apple picking, running, and any other excuse to be outdoors. The long winter months is when I want to hibernate and write as I’m curled up in a warm blanket with a cup of tea. I took a break from the challenge one weekend when I packed the days full of fall outdoor activities.

An unexpected challenge I faced was moving. When I committed to the 31 day challenge I did not know we would be moving at the end of the month. That story in itself is a blog post for another time! I didn’t complete the last ten days of the challenge because we were so busy packing and moving. I was able to give myself grace and the freedom to shift my focus from writing to packing. Real life happens.

Now here I am…

Since the writing challenge in October, I have not written in over a month. At first I needed a break from writing and then busyness overtook me. Between moving, unpacking, writing progress reports, parent teacher conferences, and thanksgiving travel it has been a very busy season!

I also learned something new about myself in the past couple months. Did I mention that October is my favorite month of the year? The leaves are stunning, the weather is great, the sun is out, and there are so many great opportunities to be outdoors! And then November hits. I went from the high of the beautiful outdoors of October to the dark, cold and gray skies of November. Daylight Saving Time happens and it’s completely dark before five o’clock. The temperature turns cold and the gray skies of winter start to roll in. I warned my husband that I feel slightly depressed in the beginning of November and I need a plan to combat the winter blues. Time at the gym, connecting with friends, good night’s sleep, beautiful candles, and warm tea all help in different ways. I was thankful for Thanksgiving this year because the month of November was starting to wear me down. Thanksgiving was a wonderful reminder for me of the power of gratitude. And then came the Christmas season with all of it’s lights and cheer. It truly is a wonderful time of year!

Below are some of my favorite pictures from the past month!

IMG_4649 (1)

Beauty of Fall in New England!

IMG_4981 (1)

I had so much fun running this Turkey Trot. Talking with these running buddies made the five miles fly by!

IMG_4974 (1)

There is nothing more cozy than playing games with my Grandma by the warm fire as snow softly falls outside.

FullSizeRender (8)

Happy Thanksgiving from the Nyakairus… and my cousin Ben White!

IMG_5083 (2)

I love walking through the streets of Boston during the Christmas season!

What has been happening in your life this past month? Do you experience any highs or lows with the change of seasons?

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