What I loved about the movie Moana

This week Grace only wanted to listen and watch the songs from the movie Moana. I was reminded of how much I loved the movie Moana as I listened to the songs over and over and over again!
Having a daughter and another on the way, I appreciate how Moana was a strong, female lead. The story was not about finding true love but of a girl living out her calling. Moana is beautiful but her body shape is realistic and her character strong.
From what I’ve read and watched, the makers of the movie took the time to research the Polynesian culture and they got a lot of things right in this movie.
My favorite thing about this movie are the themes woven throughout it. Significant themes of identity, calling, being chosen, not forgetting who you are and where you’ve come from.
After the movie was over, Stephen and I sat in the theater as I processed these themes. Do we know our identity as children of God? That we are loved, forgiven, accepted. Do we know that God has called us? That we have been called to a purpose greater than ourselves. That we have the power of the Holy Spirit living inside of us.
During the song, We Know The Way, there is a line that says “we know who we are”. Moana’s people had forgotten their calling as voyagers and explorers. They were choosing to live safely on their island but their island was no longer proving to be safe. Have we forgotten our calling as Christ followers? To share the good news of Christ and the hope we have in him with others. To love God and others. To be an advocate for the orphan, the widow, the refugee, the ones suffering injustice? To know that our lives are more than just about ourselves. That we are called sons and daughters of the Almighty God. That we are loved and empowered. We are chosen.
Do we know who we are?

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