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One Month Old! - Rebekah Nyakairu

One Month Old!


Dear baby girl,

You put a whole new meaning into Labor Day Weekend! Labor day weekend was a long weekend full of contractions and labor pains. I went into labor Friday afternoon and you were born Sunday morning. You were worth it all.


You knew the perfect time to come. I had just finished up my teacher work week as your grandparents arrived in Boston. Your Grandma said  “Gracie, you can come now. We’re here.” And that afternoon, I started having contractions. Your grandparents were excited to meet you!


One of my biggest life accomplishments is giving birth to you. I cannot begin to describe what an incredible moment it was when the nurse laid you on my chest for the first time. I got my first look at my little tiny baby girl. Words can’t capture that special moment.

FullSizeRender (13)

I love you baby girl!


Dan, Jen, Luke and Daniel came to visit you the day you were born!


Micah, Jannat, and Jonah came for a visit!

The past month has been exhausting and challenging for your Mommy and Daddy. We didn’t know that you were tongue tied which made breastfeeding difficult, challenging, and painful. You have also been very colicky. Daddy has looked up every possible way to help with colic. He even gave you a little baby massage yesterday. But it has all been worth it when we look at your precious, adorable little face.


You have grown so much in the past month. You have gone for this little fragile newborn to a healthy growing baby girl. At your one month check up you weighed 9 lbs and were 21.75 inches long.


Your doctors take good care of you!

We love taking you out and showing you off! We haven’t used a stroller yet with you because we love carrying you close to us. I wrap you up in the baby K’tan and Daddy uses his Ergobaby Carrier. It doesn’t matter where we are…  people always admire how beautiful and alert you are. You fix your big eyes on whoever is holding you or talking to you.


I enjoy taking walks with you. You are all snuggled up in the K’tan, close to mommy’s heart. You look up at me as I talk with you and we enjoy the beautiful fall day until you fall asleep. One of Mommy and Daddy’s favorite moments of the day is praying over you at bedtime.


Highlights from your first month!

ice cream

Ice Cream Date: 6 days old


Baby Dedication: One Week Old

IMG_0715Apple Picking with Ethan and Linnea: Two Weeks Old 


Pumpkin Patch with your friend Jonah


First Road Trip to NY: Three Weeks Old 


Meeting your cousin Lincoln 


Spending time with your Great-Grandma


Meeting your Auntie Natalie and Uncle Ben


Lunch date with Uncle Jon


Grandma took you shopping for the first time!

FullSizeRender (16)

Four Generations

IMG_2327 IMG_1135

Andrea and Mark came from NYC to visit you: Four Weeks Old


“Auntie” Mikala was your first babysitter!

Mikala took good care of your mommy and daddy. She brought lunch, groceries and cooked us dinner.



You were one day old when you had your first bath at the hospital. You cried the entire time. Thankfully you now like bathtime!


First bedtime story with Daddy 


Mommy and Daddy love snuggling with you!

sleeping beauty

We love seeing your personality start to come out. We have experienced a very determined, passionate, and strong spirit. We also enjoy catching your smiles, laughter, and happiness.


We love you so very much and can’t imagine life without you. You bring your mommy and daddy incredible joy!


Your Mama



  1. Stacy

    Hey Rebekah! I loved reading about and seeing pictures of your baby girl! She’s so precious and you look so happy. Hope I get to meet her someday (maybe next summer if we visit my parents again)!

    1. rebekahnyakairu (Post author)

      Thank you Stacy! We will definitely have to get together next time you are in the area! Your kids are getting so big. They grow up so quickly! 🙂

  2. Bethany

    I love seeing pictures of Gracie growing up and with her family! What an adventure it is going though birth and watching your daughter grow. You two are amazing parents! I always be grateful to have met you . Sending love!

    1. rebekahnyakairu (Post author)

      Bethany- we are so grateful for you!! I had such a positive birth experience because of you!! You are an amazing doula and so supportive! I can’t believe how fast time goes by! I’m glad you can see updates of Grace!


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