Our Baby Girl’s Name!

baby gracie


I was convinced that I was pregnant with a boy. I never realized just how persuasive I can be. I not only believed I was having a little boy but I also convinced all those around me that I was carrying a boy. The weekend before we found out the gender of our baby, I found the cutest little boy’s outfit while shopping.

This summer, my husband and I went away to celebrate our first year anniversary. During our time away, we prayed and dreamed about having children. During my Bible reading that week, God gave me a boy’s name. It’s actually an incredible story that I will share when I am actually pregnant with our son.

Choosing a girl’s name was easy. It was almost a non-conversation. Either my husband or I suggested the name Grace and the other one of us said absolutely.

Stephen loves the concept of God’s grace. His email signature is “An object of grace“. We both have experienced God’s grace and abundant goodness in profound ways in our lives and now in our marriage. We just knew our girl would be named Grace.

My doctor’s appointment was scheduled for Friday, April 3rd which also happened to be Good Friday. I had recently spent a little too much time on Pinterest and seen pictures for gender reveal parties. While we didn’t have time during a busy Easter weekend for a party, I could at least bring cupcakes for after the Good Friday service.

I found an easy recipe to make cupcakes that were filled with either blue or pink frosting. Since I did not have much time and I knew I was having a boy, I made cupcakes with blue frosting tucked in the middle.

baby cupcakes

You can imagine my shock when we found out we were having a girl. My husband was absolutely thrilled. He wanted a baby girl. Once I got over the surprise of having a girl, I quickly changed my expectations. Cute baby girl clothes? A beautiful baby girl? My husband’s joy in having a girl? All enough reasons for me to fall in love with our baby girl!


The entire day felt like a whirlwind. A busy day teaching. A long doctor’s visit. The surprising baby girl news. Good Friday service. It was during the last song we sang during the Good Friday Service that it hit me. I got goosebumps as I realized how great and grand God’s plan is for our baby girl.

While we sang the song This is Amazing Grace, I realized we had found out that we were having a girl named Grace on Good Friday. A day that celebrates God’s abundant grace in our lives. Jesus died so our sins would be forgiven. We can have a personal relationship with the Almighty God. We are called sons and daughters of God. We are blessed with every spiritual blessing. What amazing grace!

At the end of the service, we announced that just like the song we sang about God’s amazing grace, we found out that we are having a little girl named Grace. I mentioned that our little baby played an April Fool’s joke on me. While I thought I was carrying a baby boy, our baby surprised me by being a girl.

We are grateful to God for our baby girl. Grace. We ended the evening celebrating with our church family over pink cake (last minute purchase!) and blue cupcakes.

baby cake


  1. AnnieLaurie

    I love this post! So happy for yall. I thought I was having a boy with my first. Was a huge shock to learn it was a girl! 🙂 Happy for yall. What a blessing 🙂

  2. Stacy

    So happy for you guys. Love the name choice and story 🙂

  3. rebekahnyakairu (Post author)

    Thanks Stacy! It makes it seem so much more real now that we have Gracie’s name to use when we are talking to her or about her! 🙂

  4. rebekahnyakairu (Post author)

    Thanks AnnieLaurie! It was such a huge shock but thankfully a wonderful one! 🙂 Stephen was absolutely thrilled to find out we were having a girl! And who can’t help but love all the cute little girl clothes!


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