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The best Valentine's Day present! - Rebekah Nyakairu

The best Valentine’s Day present!

vday present

I love taking road trips with my husband. When I was single and driving long distances, I would dream and pray for a husband who could drive for me. Time flies by when you have someone to talk with, listen to music together, and create memories while traveling. To put it simply, we have fun together.

My husband gave me the best Valentine’s Day present. A road trip to visit my friends in Virginia. He kept commenting on how happy I was the entire week. I loved seeing so many friends and family!

Our road trip to Virginia was entirely last minute. it was incredible to trust God with our plans and see how He was in the midst of every detail. I have learned it is better to wait on God and see the plans He unfolds instead of trying to force my own agenda.

Church was canceled on Sunday as another blizzard hit Boston and our road trip started earlier than planned. While we brought the snow and cold weather with us to Virginia, the sun shone brightly every day. How I miss the sun during the long winter months in Boston!

I am still amazed at how God orchestrated every detail of our visit!

Sunday we met up with our friends Sarah and Evan for lunch. Our first double date was with this lovely couple and we have enjoyed many more since then.

FullSizeRender (11)

We then visited one of my dearest friends Rebekah. We continued our very important winter tradition of watching Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. We have watched these movies together every winter for years. For my thirtieth birthday we even took a road trip together to PEI, the setting of Anne of Green Gables. It was the perfect day to watch seven hours of movies as the cold wind blew fiercely outside.

 IMG_5808 (1)

Last week I had been thinking about my good friend Aimee. She was first my small group leader, then a good friend, and then the one who challenged me to step into small group leadership. Never underestimate the impact you have on someone’s life by simply believing in them! Aimee just happened to have a play date planned with my friend Melissa, where we staying. I loved seeing the look of surprise on Aimee’s face as she walked through the door! God in the details.


My friend Rachel and I were finally able to meet each other’s husbands. As snow lightly fell outside, we sat by the fire and caught up the past three years. We spent the evening telling stories over an entirely British meal of shepherds pie and toffee pudding. Our husband found out they had something very important in common. A love for soccer and Manchester United.

the DC area shut down over 4-6 inches of snow. We had to laugh as there was over 6-7 feet of snow in Boston. When we went to visit the Lanthiers we had the pleasant surprise of Chris being home. The government was closed. God in the details. Nothing fills my heart with joy like spending time with the Lanthiers. Maribella taught Stephen and me a new card game and impressed us with her great math skills. I may or may not have been excited to win our first game together!


Wednesday I sent a last minute email to a group of friends to see if anyone was available that night. God had brought Uyen to mind the evening before. Sure enough, we met up her and Louise for a cozy dinner as we caught up by a warm fireplace at la Madeleine. Lou had just  flown back into town that evening. God in the details. Nothing warms one’s heart like being in the company of dear friends who have seen you through the ups and downs of life. Who have prayed with you, ran with you, and done life together. Friends who you could share stories together for hours and hours.

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Wednesday was a relaxing low key day. I picked up takeout from one of the best Indian restaurants and visited my friend Stephanie. This amazing woman has had an incredible impact on my life. I don’t know of anyone who I admire more for her courage in the midst of very hard circumstances.

We are so grateful for dear friends who let us stay with them, share their food and life with us. We spent the evening playing with these cute kids who are growing up way too fast! At bedtime Sophie mentioned she was sad that it was our last day together and I couldn’t agree more fully.


We had one last important stop in Virginia to visit my dear friend Jamee. Her daughter Jocelyn Rose was born over two weeks early. Because of this we had the privilege of meeting Jocelyn during our visit. Anthony was also home so we saw the whole family. God in the details. Jamee speaks my love language of gifts like no one else. She gave us tea, banana bread, and of course presents. We held little Jocelyn as she slept and chatted with her parents and played with her big brother. An absolutely delightful visit!


Our road trip continued to Maryland. We explored Annapolis together in the bitter cold. We stopped by my aunt and uncle’s house for a visit. Their house is like going home as I spent so much of my childhood at their home. We sat and told stories over the best lasagna dinner.


The last stop of our road trip was to my husband’s favorite city to visit his best friend. You never know what you will find out to do in NYC. We ended up in a shuffleboard club. Only NYC could made an old man’s sport very young and hip by adding loud music, food and drinks, and endless amount of board games. We sat and talked, laughed at one another, and played games from our childhood like Scattergories and Connect 4. We then tried our hand at shuffleboard. Stephen and I were just starting to get the hang of shuffleboard when we lost the tie-breaking game. We demand a rematch!



As we drove back to Boston the next day, it was only fitting that it started to snow once again. As I sat staring out at the whirling white flakes, my heart was full of memories made with my husband and of time spent with dear friends. My husband said it best. I was so very happy. Thank you dear husband for the best Valentines Day present!


 What is one of the best gifts you have ever received?


  1. Priscilla Weaver

    Your friendship is a beautiful gift Rebekah! Salvation is a priceless gift! Waking up each morning and breathing and moving and having a heart that beats outside of my control is a daily gift from our Creator! Having my husband come home from work everyday is a gift! Reading God’s Word and praying each day is a gift that gives me fresh outlook and energy to keep running my race for the LORD! I am blessed! I am rich! you are a gem!

  2. rebekahnyakairu (Post author)

    Thank you Priscilla! You are definitely a gift! Thank you for being a true kindred spirit and making my world a brighter place! Love you!


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