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Conquering of the big blue water slide - Rebekah Nyakairu

Conquering of the big blue water slide



Fear of failure, fear of other’s opinion, fear of the unknown, and the list goes on. Fear appears in many different forms. How many times do we react to things or make decisions out of fear? Probably more than we are aware of. We often don’t take time to realize what is truly driving our decisions.

Today was an absolutely perfect summer day. I spent the day at the waterpark with my good friend and her three young kids. It brought me such delight to watch them play. There is something so carefree about the joy of kids splashing, laughing, and having fun in the water.

My absolute favorite moment of the day was the conquering of the big blue water slide. The three year old boy was having a blast going down the green slide until he noticed the bigger blue slide. So he climbed up to the big blue slide and sat down ready to go…. only to get up and play nearby. He did this several times: sit down, ready to go, get back up. He would play close by as he watched other kids going the slide. Then FINALLY… he did it! At the bottom of the slide his mom caught him. Tears filled my eyes at this precious moment. This little guy had the biggest grin on his face. He was absolutely beaming with joy and excitement. His mom was hugging him and shouting “You did it, you did it, you went down the blue slide!” The mixture of emotions of pride, excitement, and joy were beautiful. I loved this mommy’s pride as she celebrated her son conquering his fear. After that moment, watch out! There was no more fear! This little boy went down that big blue slide all afternoon.

My friend had shared earlier that she had been wrestling over a decision. As she prayed over this important decision, God showed her that fear had been holding her back. She now walks in the confidence of who her God is and how He is leading her.

Once we realize we have fear, there is good news. We then can look to who our God is.

Fear of failure? God is full of grace and redemption. He does not expect perfection. Fear of other’s opinions? The deeper we fall in love with God, the more our focus is on Him and the less we care about other’s approval. We realize the God of this Universe, our Abba Father, accepts us. Fear of the unknown? The Sovereign God of this Universe directs our every step. He promises to never leave us or forsake us. He is for our good and He loves us deeply. Once we identity the fear, we are able to replace it with truth.

It did not matter how many times my friend tried to re-assure her son that he would be fine, he needed to wait until he felt brave enough. God sees our fears and He tells us again and again in His Word not to fear. Yet God is patient with us as we are His beloved children. And when we finally do take that step of faith… how God must celebrate over us! I absolutely loved the joy and pride of my friend over her dear son. Can you imagine the pride and joy of our Abba Father when we take a step of faith? He must say to Jesus, “Look at my beloved child! Did you see my child trusting Me? Did you see my child take a step of faith?” And once we take one step of faith, we receive so much confidence in who our God is that the next step of faith becomes easier. And easier. And we will find ourselves walking in faith with our eyes fixed on our God.

This little boy will face bigger challenges as he grows up and these will be opportunities for him to grow in confidence. Like him we face many challenges in our life. We can choose to walk in confidence of who God is, and experience the thrill of conquering our fear.

God is our refuge and strength,  an ever-present help in trouble.  Therefore we will not fearThe Lord Almighty is with us. Psalm 46

When have you been afraid? When have you seen God help you overcome your fear?

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